BMS - The Bookmark Synchronizer

Bookmark Synchronizer is a graphical tool for reorganizing your bookmarks from various browsers. On Linux, there are plenty of good browsers around, which are being continuously developed. So it is understandable, that users like me change their favourite browsers frequently. To do this, you also have to find a way to share the bookmarks. When I started to develop BMS, I have not found any tool for this purpose.

Looking on freshmeat, I just found a nifty perl script for the job, which accidentally had the same name as my binary: bmsync. I guess it's worth a look.


I tried to make it as simple as possibe, but a few explanations would be helpful though:


Main Window

Plugin Configuration



Download BMS from its Sourceforge download site.

TODO, Bugs

Developer Info

Actually, after finding bmsync, I thought that BMS is only "much ado for nothing". But anyway, it was a great practice for me beginning programming GTK--, and learning how to create plugins. Besides, BMS is designed to be easy portable for other GUI library, working code and interface are very well separated. Maybe this results in complicated coding (for example, the bookmark tree is always stored twice: in a GTK TreeStore, and in the "normal" BMS class tree).

BMS is a pure C++ application using libxml (libxml++ was very undocumented and hard to use when the project was started), the GUI is created using Glade.

Additionally, maybe you could benefit from the class IniConf I created for BMS. It is a generic handler class for using M$-style .ini files (they hopefully won't get patented though...), see the source for more info - it should be self-explanatory.

Copyright, about the author

BMS is released under the GPL license.

(C) 2003. Richard Gellert Roman <>

4th grade university student at BUTE and BUES, you can find my four year old  Hungarian homepage here :)